Cécile Thirouin and Thierry de Taffin bought the Château l'Insoumise

Why did we choose to became wine makers?

First because it's our passion because it's an eclectic job: from the vines growing until the bottling.

Then because both of our family are in agriculture. That's why we studied oenolgy at the university of Bordeaux.


Château l'Insoumise: 30 ha ine the Bordeaux superieur appellation

Why "l'Insoumise" ( rebellious)?

.... because different...

This château used to be named " Domaine de Beychevelle" since the 17th century. For the reason that it could had been mixed up with another château nearby, the former owner had to give up this name. After this lost, he chose " Insoumise".


Where i s Château l'Insoumise?

The vineyard is located in St André de Cubzac, 30 km north of Bordeaux.

It covers 22ha in the Bordeaux and Bordeaux Superieur appelations, red, white and rosé; with 4 typical varieties: Merlot, cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec and Cabernet Franc and one white variety: Sauvignon.

You are very welcome to come and taste our wines and why not stay in our vacation house.